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... and thinking whether, having eaten all of them today, I'll be having any stomach issues. They went by a discount today, actually for the past week, so I've been eating them from time to time. Very cheap, 85 eurocents. Sometimes I'm so on fruit that I even forget I am a carnivore.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't be physically able to live on grass, I become nervous and cranky when I have to live without meat.

Meeting my sister tomorrow, hopefully. We don't talk too much since we don't live together any more, and sometimes I start missing her badly. Actually, I feel so bad for distancing from my family. Even though I know that in case of need they will be right there to help me, I miss them a lot.

Mom's going to a sanatorium in Druskininkai, Lithuania, and I really hope she'll have a good time.
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Because of flu, exhaustion, stress. Dad's in hospital with broken skull.
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'Mah boyz' are procrastinating car repairs again. The text is "Let's wait until MOT test, otherwise it'll get bad again by the time". Who cares about jiggling wheels and African rhythms under the body? Double adrenaline rush every time you speed up to 70 kmph, no shit.

I must mention, though, that MOT is such a funfair! Heard stories about technicians thrusting a screwdriver into the exhaust pipe saying "eh, what a hole you've got in there, man!" You never know what you'll end up with.


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