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...all this keeps coming back to me. The words, the thoughts, the people. I am my worst enemy but also my best friend. And this collective memory I have in the form of fears is driving me crazy from time to time. Sometimes I think I could've spent the whole life revelling under the canopy of my own beautiful worlds, but this reality interrupts my contemplating.
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...who works at the embassy here and totally thinks I'm a spy because I'm Russian, I speak decent English, and I live AND work very very close to him. He's intrigued and I'm displaying my best personality traits like talking which is a struggle, but then he talks about his Kenyan girlfriend (whatever that means) but still keeps chatting on Facebook. So I have no idea what to do with all that. We've known each other for two days but I feel reasonably comfortable already.
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...too close and for too long. The only thing I want is to crawl back home and stay there until I feel a bit more stable. And universe flies on - private tutorials, work, university, people, people, people... My happy place seems unreachable, so close yet so far because of the 4th dimension. Yes, time is the thing that anchors me to this transparent reality. And, yes, transparent - I can see so many worlds beyond it. And it's all a mirage.
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...but when they do...

It's Alan. I haven't felt so shitty for a long time.

I still have deep feeling for Severus and I don't hope to love anyone else that way. It's impossible. A chance like that is given once in a lifetime.


Jan. 14th, 2016 03:36 pm
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No way. No. Alan.
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...what if this is my best world? What if I was lucky? What if this is the best me? What if in the previous life I persuaded the universe to leave me the fuck alone this one time?
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I shit you not, now they've found helicobacteria in my stomach and decided to treat it. For the next week I'm taking loads of antibiotics and being periodically out of this reality. Houston, communication channel with outer space has been set. Over.

Anyway, I'm begging heavens to return my colleague to work so that I don't have to guard the class I've been assigned to and probably do things I am supposed to do, like organise Language Week and other stuff I have to do as a methodist. Jeez, another two months to survive.
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yawned, trying to make it unnoticeable for the kids
delivered a lesson on haiku to the other teacher's group
tried hard not to strangle anyone
drew tables and schemes on the board
tore a hysterical girl off a boy who was mocking at her
banged my hand on the table (have a bruise now)
broke my watch against the table
yelled like hell
promised death, hell, corporal punishment for deeds against the humanity
yelled, promised to turn one's life into hell
drank some water
wrote reprimands in diaries
served as a waitress
told each and every child (30 in total) in grade 4A why I like them and they are my favourite pupils in grade 4A
made them write an essay "why my class is like that"
yelled, humiliated, offended
read essays and laughed hysterically

In fact, quoting the last book I've read, "The Jews are no laughing matter". Tomorrow I have to see the psychologist and tell her we're all fucked. And doomed. And hell is unleashed. It's been going on for four years with their class teacher, and now she's ill and I'm substituting, and they are a disaster. I am not the person who would tolerate any of this bullshit.
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I believe it's 9 hours sleep all week, two times tanning bed, vitamin b+Mg.

And I was still tricked into taking up another group at the language learning center. You know, talking to my boss there is like talking to gypsies. You know you are fooled but you don't know when and how.
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...and it's all because of two things:

1. I've been doing too much work. I've been forced to do too much work. I've lived through January dreaming about having enough sleep and not having to go anywhere. I've been having 32 contact hours at school + class teaching (a bunch of 30 little assholes) + second work + choir rehearsals 3-6 times a week + extra private lessons. I want to cry all my exhaustion out, I can hardly go on. This is the first weekend when I ... no, it's actually not. I still have to correct two packs of tests (I've corrected 4), translate an 11-page document, make a synopsis out of a 120-page case-study and prepare for tomorrow's lessons, I have to work 8-17 tomorrow. Damn, I'm fucked.

2. For the last month and a half I've been having a lasting tonsiliitis (two antibiotics courses didn't help), all kinds of skin reactions and what not. I believe it' s my exhaustion but I can't do anything. On Tuesday I'm seeing an otolaryngologist. I hope he helps.

And since Thursday I have trouble with breathing, cough a running nose and in general a total sad-ass sight.
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...for the third time this year. Where, how, what have I done to myself to have this? I've been thinking it is because I speak evil all the time. One of my friends said if that was true she would have already been down, diagonal and dangling and covered in pimples because of all things she says.

So I had an insight - what if that's because I forbid myself to speak my mind? I've been doing this brutally this year. I've been hurting myself.

Oh, God...

Dec. 11th, 2014 10:27 pm
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Two of my colleagues have been sick for a week now, so I'm working for three. I have full classes (30-34 people), I have to make sure very group revises and writes a first-term test. I was clever enough to send other groups' tests to their sick teachers, but I still have eight packs of tests to correct. And I have been working like mad for a week now. Even though I still manage to sleep for 7 hours every night, I work and work and work and work during the day. Goddamnit, I walk out of the 0 lesson (starts at 7.45!!!) at 8.25 and I get caught in the corridor by someone telling me that in the 1st lesson (8.30!!!) I have the whole class of 3rd graders. And my group is supposed to write a test because it's their last English lesson this week! Fuck!

Tomorrow night we're having the annual Christmas ball with the parents of or pupils. I'll be down, diagonal and dangling. Already told the administration that they're responsible for getting me home tomorrow, but they said I can sleep in the school.
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...I thought I'd be fine. My mistake probably was cleaning it all up with my bare hands. In two days I felt the "pleasant" effects of a rotavirus. I've been totally down for two days, just started feeling somewhat better. Still a bit nauseous.

Feel empty

Nov. 2nd, 2014 09:15 pm
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...again. I mean, nothing makes me happy. I don't want to eat (thank the vitamins), I want love (pure orgasm does not satisfy me), nothing is good enough. I just want warm hands around me.
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...on a light night like tonight...

I love tongue twisters, I earnestly do.

Also, I've been reading an American poetry magazine for the last few days. What can I say? It's so diverse I can't even claim they're all mentally and emotionally fucked up to the edge. Some are. Like this chiquita:

Come on, tell me she's sane. She's as mad as a Hatter, I shit you not.

Or this one:

But there are some nice things.
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...and I am watching a movie at home. Fact is, this country doesn't celebrate Halloween, we've got our own ghost days. The whole November is called the month of the dead.

But the fog is absolutely magic tonight.
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The conductor was mocking at the sopranos for weak text articulation - he claimed he could not understand the lyrics at all. So for a couple of minutes he spoke in a muttered unintelligible way, very persuasive, incredibly artistic. Background - I've been having high blood pressure and headache for the last two days. I shit you not, I thought I had a fucking sudden stroke or something and couldn't understand human speech anymore. Shit bricks.
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before he feels at home? or safe? or un-lonely? I wish I was a sea captain, a seagull captain leading them all to this mirage called hope. Not the peace I promise to you, but the dream about peace, He said. And you know what? I wish I felt His warm hand on my head.

But all of those I've ever really loved were cold as the Arctic ice caps. They all were so cold I couldn't believe their blood was still running through their veins. Whatever they said, no matter how much fire whiskey they drank - they were cold. Especially that One. I thought I was the Snow fucking Queen - but I wasn't. Took me ages to understand, will take ages to accept and I still don't know what to do with it.

And you know why I'm going to hell? Because when I die and He comes to take my hand and lead me to whatever paradise there is, I will be holding hands with the one I've loved more than the world itself. More than myself. When I die, my Beloved one will take me. And He will be standing aside and probably asking his Father - why?

Because a woman cannot live with her heart, she has to give it away. And when she does, she ceases to exist for the rest, heaven, earth or hell.

I wish I had the courage to end all this.
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Probably because there is not a free moment at work when I can just sit down and relax. And I'm getting cranky by the evening because I'm so tired, because it's the first day of period, because I am falling back on things I acutely have to do, because the boss is sending me to an interview which would ruin all my chances to do my job in time... SHIIIIIIIIIIT

I'll just watch another episode of Under the Dome and make a list of things I must do, at least to acknowledge the scale of the catastrophe.
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24 kids in one room, 6 don't know a word in Russia, 12 lost all their hope at the sight of Russian alphabet, 4 almost understand things I say. Gorgeous. And I was stressed as hell even before the lesson had started.

It was much better today. I had a plan, we did two thirds of it which is really nice. I do hope we are going to get this going
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